One for Nana and Auntie Lucy

The indoctrination has worked…

Jude and Sebastian discovered the Crows versus Carlton game on the television and insisted watching to the end. There was much, totally unprompted, Crows supporting.  Afterwards, Jude could be heard to say "I love the Crows, I love them SO much."

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Saturday afternoon craft

The household has been sick. Jude was first, but by the end of the week, James, Zac and I were all on the sick list. By yesterday we were feeling a bit better, but still not up for much but lounging about the place.

Sebastian and Jude took advantage of the home down time to get into some drawing and craft.

First there were some drawings of castles…


(Sebastian's castles under siege)

(Jude's castle being attacked by a dragon)

And then they moved to making their own crowns and armour…

             and even a special armoured cast for Riser Bear…

Craft and crowns 8Craft and crowns 5

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