Big camera

While James was having his first ever interview as an "expert" academic, Sebastian and Jude were fascinated to see the camera in action. Of course, Jude couldn't remain silent in his fascination  – he was first banished inside, then had to be told to move away from the window which he couldn't resist banging….

Anyway, afterwards, the nice SBS camera man let Sebastian and Jude have a closer look at his camera.

The boys were very interested, and we rewarded the camera man with one of the little cakes we had just been baking!

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More park time

As last weekend really was beautiful weather, we got some more park time in on Sunday. This time we rode our bikes over to the fort in Commonwealth Park to meet up with the Family Prosser.

Zachary wasn't sure about climbing up for the slide by himself at first (he just wanted to hold hands)

but after a bit of encouragement he decided he would follow in Martin's footsteps…

Sunday 12Sunday 18Sunday 19

He wasn't the only one who enjoyed the slide.

Sunday 21Sunday 24Sunday 23Sunday 32

There was cake and pineapple for afternoon tea

Sunday 25Sunday 26Sunday 27

and Jude got a test ride in Catherine's fancy new bike.

So over all, another fun Sunday in the park!

Sunday 17Sunday 15Sunday 11

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Great Olympic musical deceptions of our time

At least we finally admit that the Chinese were no more dodgy in their opening ceremony than the Australians were!

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Saturday afternoon park fun

Saturday 6
Saturday 7
Saturday 9
Saturday 12
Saturday 13
Saturday 15
Saturday 22

It was a classic Canberra winter weekend, so on Saturday afternoon we went for a wander to a couple of the nearby parks.

Sebastian and Jude rode their bikes, while Zac got to ride in the pusher.

Somehow the boys ended up in a uniform of red jumpers and green pants – though in Zac's case they were at least stripy.

Saturday 16Saturday 20

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Who wins when we spend so much on so few? |

James Connor, who according SBS news is a "prominent sport academic" writes about expenditure on elite sports…

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Artists at work

Saturday 1
Saturday 2
Saturday 3
Saturday 4

Sebastian and Zachary enjoy a bit of drawing.

Zachary is very proud of his drawings and was enthusiastically displaying them to us. He was immensely pleased to be told they were good.

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300 piece challenge

Jude, with a little help from Dada, put together a 300 piece jigsaw…..

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