Sebastian by candlelight

Who doesn't love dinner by candlelight? Especially when you get to blow out the candles afterwards….

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Thanks for the postcards Nana and Poppa

and see how well my head has healed up!

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Frak! They said that in the old days too…

We watched the first episodes of the original Battlestar Galactica the other night. I had never watched them before – my parents not being science fiction fanciers (except for my mother's love of Doctor Who) I hadn't been exposed to the original Battlestar – I mean, I didn't even get to see Star Wars until after Empire Strikes Back (although have made up for that now by having watched it more than 30 x now), and I didn't watch any of the original Star Trek either. It is a wonder I am such a science fiction and fantasy devotee now.


Anyway, I knew that most of the original ideas and background mythology was taken from the original series and also that some of the characters had their first outing in the original series. But I didn't realise exactly the extent of that. Obviously, we knew that Rick Springfield's Zac was doomed, and I was surprised to see that there was a Colonel Tighe in the original. Boomer is obviously a call-sign reserved for minorities, and while Adama's daughter doesn't exist in the new series, it does add extra poignancy to the second Sharon getting the call-sign Athena.


But my greatest joy was seeing that we have had a Balthar before – and that he was equally as self-serving and self-preserving as ever. The old Balthar was more unambiguously evil, but he certainly still has that same weasley qualities as the new Balthar.

Nonetheless, good to see the Lords of Kobol <insert compulsory joke about the Lords of BASIC or PASCAL – omg, just made a joke about computer languages, my nerdiness quotient must have totally soared then) and the Council of 12 are all there – though I want to see Laura Roslin in one of those flowing gowns-and the Geminons are still religious crazies . And it only took me 20 minutes or so to realise that the old Lee Adama is the new Tom Zarek…

But thank the gods they didn't include the mechanical dog! Athena be praised! 

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Jude, Rachel and some unicorns

Jude is very interested in Rachel's drawing of a unicorn…

So is James for that matter

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Ruined lighthouses and other sights

Hyams beach 57
Hyams beach 59
Hyams beach 58
Hyams beach 62
Hyams beach 70
Hyams beach 68
Hyams beach 66

The one bit of non-beach related tourism we did while at Jervis Bay was visting the ruins of the Cape St George lighthouse. This lighthouse was very poorly placed when it was originally built, and lured more boats onto the rocks than it saved! Its inhabitants also had a rocky existence with a number of accidental and unfortunate deaths. After about 40 years, it was abandoned, and then destroyed, as its gleaming sandstone was still distracting sailors.

On the walk up I found some exciting orange fungus, and some beautiful bottle brush type flowers which were much in evidence throughout the national park.

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Supermarket savant

Zachary decides to take control of the supermarket shopping, and happily selects the products he thinks most appropriate. We ended up with four zucchini and a few other bits and pieces, but managed to leave behind the porridge oats (for some odd reason, we already have three boxes in the cupboard at home).

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Playing in the surf