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Last night we ventured to the Himalayas for our culinary delights. Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan offered up their cuisines for us, and it was good.

We had momos to commence. These were extremely yummy and once again proved that wrapping things and making them into dumplings is a winner no matter what country. No wonder we've discoverd some variation in at least three diverse geographical locations so far.

The wrapping things theory was also proved with the pancakes and filling provided by Rachel, including the fabulous black dhal (the dhal of evil – but yum!). There was other dhal as well, spinach and lamb curry, pork fing and potatoes with cheese.

We finished the meal with Tibetan cheesecake with nuts and carrot fudge. All remarkably tasty.

Meanwhile, the boys watched TV in Bronwen's bed….

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Look closely….

…I'm not actually that tall….

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Sad and historic..but hooray for new chapters

On Wednesday night, Natasha gave her valedictory speech in the Senate (starts p77). Having been there on the day she was sworn in, and the night she gave her maiden speech in Parliament, it was quite an emotional time. I was very proud of myself though – I didn't cry. I felt I was going to at the beginning, but managed to stop myself. If I had started I would have blubbed the entire time.

Naturally there has been a lot said in the media about Nat's departure, particulary because her leaving coincides with the end of the Parliamentary representation of the Democrats. What I can add to that is only my personal perspective. I've been enormously proud of what Natasha has achieved and it is nice to see that the tributes from the other Senators at the end recognise what the media often tried to minimalise, the amount of intelligent hard work she has done as a legislator and an activist. Because of her high media profile, it was easy for the media to try and dismiss her as a show pony – surely you can't be media-friendly AND a hard working, intelligent and commited  person who has diligently worked to make legislation better and fairer.

Most of all, I have always been proud to call her my best friend and have never shirked from that. There aren't many politicians one could always be proud of!

I know that Natasha will continue to make a contribution to the lives of others, and I am happy that she is going to have a chance to catch her breathe, and enjoy some time with Cordelia and Conrad and, importantly, Ian!

Best of luck Natasha – and lots of love to you!

Sebastian and his godmother. There can't be many 6 year olds who have been mentioned in Hansard – see page 80 for his acknowledgement.

Natasha, Sebastian and Cordelia with the Senate chamber in the background.

Sebastian and Conrad have a cuddle

Cordelia got a bit unhappy being handed about….

..but was much happier once safely in Dad's arms….

..although she consented to a cuddle with me as well!

Senator Conrad?

Playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" in the corridors of Parliament House.

One of the added bonuses of the evening was getting to catch up with some old friends, including Craig and Nicole Chung and their two youngsters, Tristen and Courtney. All the kids had a lovely time playing together. We left Jude and Zac at home in Rachel's capable hands however as I knew they would't sit through 40 minutes of speeches in the Senate.

This is about as close as Conrad would get to his godmother for photos this evening. Ah, the vagaries of the affections of 3 year olds….

*These photos are copyright to me and not for reproduction without permission.

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Beautiful but cold…

Last Saturday we rode our bikes to Black Mountain Penisula for the occasion of Atticus' Naming Day. It is a very beautiful spot, especially when our party had it essentially to ourselves. However, the reason that we had it essentially to ourselves is that it  is one of the most exposed spots in Canberra,  it was incredibly windy and it was late afternoon on a cold Canberra winter day.

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So we were all quite rugged up and Atticus remained as closely attached to his mother as he could. The boys had a good run around in the playground and surrounding park, and Zac managed to make Nick's dad his slave for a good 20 minutes – lifting him up onto equipment and dutifully following him around. We contemplated saving him, but figured, as a grandparent, he should know how to extricate himself if he needed to. I discovered that wool tights are actually very effective against the cold as my legs stayed nice and warm. But you do know it is cold, when the small boys are quite keen to go.

Anyway, welcome to the world Atticus Prosser!

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Vegemite face

Football debut

On Sunday, Sebastian had his big football playing debut.

James and he rode over to Manuka Oval in the morning where Sebastian participated in the Auskick Super clinic held before the match.

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Jude, Zachary and I wandered over at quarter time and managed to bump into Sebastian getting changed into his gear for the half time match.

James waited with Sebastian while Zac, Jude and I went and found seats. Zac was quite taken by it all, clapping along whenever the crowd cheered or clapped. Jude kept contemplating which side he was supporting. Eventually he decided on the Swans, which was good thinking because they were well ahead.

Then it was half time and we watched the little ones run onto the field. There were some slightly older kids playing one of the four or so games on the field, so Sebastian's lot seemed particularly tiny! of course, they were playing on the other side of the oval, so we had to all head around quickly. But we got to see some play. Sebastian got a kick, went up for a ruck and wasn't afraid to go in hard for the ball.

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So the boys all had fun, and I somehow doubt that this will be the last time I am watching one of my boys on a football field.


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General update

This is just to say that I might be slightly less regular with the postings over the next few weeks as I make the concerted effort to finish the full draft of my thesis so I can get it to my supervisor. I have only 39 pages of paper editing to go, then I have to finish getting it all into the electronic document. So I am trying to do a half hour to an hour of electronic editing a night, whcih does rather cut into blogging time.

I have also started a program of exercise at the other end of the day – at least three times a week I'm getting up early so I can do a half hour of exercise before everyone else in the house wakes up. I'm not going ompletely crazy though – our current schedule means that to do this I only need to get up at 7.10am….And I still then do the other incidental exercise like riding or walking to work.

so I'm trying to be quite disciplined in order to get the thesis done and ensure all my trousers fit me! In some ways it is easier to put in the extra hours when the end is in sight!

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