Baby no more


Zachary, see here illustrating paper and his face, has taken the leap. No longer can he be considered a "baby" as he has officially moved into the toddler room at childcare. His start there has been somewhat marred by being unwell, and therefore more than happy to engage in a bit of throwing himself on the groud in protest in being left here, however otherwise things appear to be progressing smoothly…

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The fascination of muppets


The boys have discovered the excitement of the Muppets, care of the DVDs that Jasmin left with us while she is off on her world tour. Here they are transfixed by The Muppet Movie. The Muppet Show episodes have also been quite popular. What is disturbing is how much of them I remember, despite the fact that I can't have watched them since the mid 1980s. Wayne and Wanda and their constantly interupted song, Veterinarian's Hospital….and even some of the individual stand alone skits. Very weird. Of course, some of the gender and race politics of the show certainly do remind you they were made 20 years ago, but the boys are finding them entertaining. Between Thunderbirds and the Muppets, there is certainly some retro-tainment going on.

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So last night was the annual Eurovision extravaganza. This year we had a strong turn out and none of the last minute illness cancellation for which this time of year is notorious.

Kat went out in sympathy with Zac's tantrum, James dressed as Dustin the Turkey while cooking him up in Guiness pies due to the failure to appear in the finals, a lot of European food was eaten, and everyone enjoyed the acts and the enormous predictability of the count…

Of course, the winner, Russia, was disappointing even with the ice skating, but slightly better than Greece who were neck and neck for some time. Terry Wogan has a point about the competition though, the voting has become a bit of a farce. In the past some of the predictibility of the voting was a joke, now it seems so inevitable that it becomes less entertaining. And with so many former USSR countries in now, it seems highly likely that Russia, or its designated alternate will win every year.  Western Europe clearly needs to get it together and vote for each other…. Or perhaps it needs to be a jury system. But it would be a tragedy if Terry Wogan refused to commentate again – and would not bode well for the competition if its key backers, the Western European countries, bowed out.

We don't want to lose our annual evening of campy performances and European food!

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Zachary tried the evil laughter too

Jude’s sounds of joy

Jude was very pleased about beating the family at Uno tonight…..

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More lego


Here are Sebastian and Jude with some more of their lego creations….

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Bike riding breakthrough


Sebastian first got his bike when he turned three. It took about 6 months for his to learn to use the pedals – all the trikes and things he rode at childcare didn't have pedals, so it took him a while to get the hang of it. But eventually he got quite good at riding around, with the training wheels on.

About a year ago, we took off the training wheels. He tried to ride without it, but would get frustrated quickly. So he didn't do a lot of bike riding and would ask us to put the training wheels back on. He still got bike practice by riding on the trailing bike attached to either James or my bike – practice here both with balance and pedals.

For Jude's 4th birthday this year, he got a balance bike, which he has become quite adept at riding (avoids the pedal issue). So, it seemed to be time to get Sebastian back on the bike. After only three sessions together, he has now got it, and can ride the length of the driveway and down the footpath without falling off. This of course pleases him a lot, and I think means we will be seeing a lot more bike riding going on!

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