Cow needs a bib

So Zachary attends to his needs

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Seat-sniffing leader breaks down – National –

My favourite part of this particular article, the closing line which is possibly the weakest endorsement of anyone I've ever heard in my life:

Dr Hames said his leader needed to change his behaviour, but also acknowledged there was no one to replace him.

You've got to love it – yes, he is a sexist, misogynist bastard, but we have to put up with him because everyone else is even more crap. It certainly says something about the dearth of political talent in state politics at the moment. Personally, if no other argument to abolish the states works, I think that the completely inept standard of the politicians renders state politics a complete waste of money!

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The next step

Zachary has moved on from beaters to whole bowls now…..       

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We had a birthday dinner for Rachel last night. We had pork and black eyed beans with crackling as a special treat for Rachel who got to have a vegan free night.

The boys cleared the table – I just love how they lie the cutlery out in a row on the bench….

Rachel bday dinner10April4Rachel bday dinner8

Zachary managed to get a big spot of the whipped cream which accompanied the chocolate cake on his cheek much to the amusement of all.

A number of good bottles of red wine were drunk and after the boys went to bed we played Zombies and tried out the two new expansions and the cognac came out which of course meant I was feeling far from my finest this morning. Some newly acquired Mario Kart was played while Rachel and I had one of those slightly drunken conversations in which I managed to repeat myself endlessly – something which James couldn’t resist teasing me about this morning.

Anyway…it was fun, and i think Rachel and Andrew finally left around 3am…

Rachel bday dinner7Rachel bday dinner5Rachel bday dinner11

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Hollywood Justice

Am I cynical, but why is it that Wesley Snipes gets three years – the maximum sentence – for tax evasion, when Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan et al get away with slaps on the wrist for their crimes? Is it because he is a black man who committed a white collar crime? Or is it because the justice system is more comfortable sending a balck man to prison than it is young, white, rich women? Not that I am in anyway condoning tax evasion, and I do think that too often the offenders in those cases get treated far less harshly than the poor and uneducated people who steal far less money through more straightforward criminal acts. Nonetheless, I find it interesting that it is this is the case where the example is made.

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Sebastian, Martin and me

Martin and seb day42
Martin and seb day43
Martin and seb day34
Martin and seb day44
Martin and seb day47

Today I had Sebastian and Martin with me. Sebastian had spent Tuesday at Martin's house, so today it was Martin's turn to come and spend the day with us.

In addition to seeing the torch relay, we visited two playgrounds, the boys played Uno while I had my physio appointment and we had cake at Cornucopia, the bakery near my physio. We did lots of walking and crossed roads carefully. There were also some fights with fallen leaves.

The boys behaved themselves enough to get to watch a episode of Thunderbirds while eating lunch, then later on get to play Mario Party on the Wii. So quite pleasant all round. Martin and Sebastian are pretty good at playing together, although they can be more than a little competitive at times. Nonetheless, all the competition seemed to be fairly good-spirited today.

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Red hair II