Feeding the ducks at Black Mountain Peninsula

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Our BBQ at Black Mountain Peninsula involved some duck feeding with Auntie Katie. The ducks weren't terribly interested at first, as someone already had their attention. A couple of seagulls gratified the boys by taking their bread. Eventually a couple of ducks drifted over, but the swans were obviously sated and kept away. Or perhaps they found the concept of small boys a little too intimidating.

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Beware new front in culture wars – Miranda Devine – Opinion –

What right wing morons like Miranda Devie fail to realise as they ominous warn of the terrible "political" nature of Dawn Casey and her approach to the past is that ALL museums are political, ALL history is poltical. There is not such thing as an objective, factual rendering of the past. Any comment on the past involves choices, omissions, decisions about what is and isn't included and these are decisions which are guided by ideology, beliefs, dominant narratives etc. All that Miranda Devine is really objecting to is that the political approach to the past that Dawn Casey takes is one that is not the same as hers, in fact, quite opposed. She can't say that any representation of the past at the National Museum is or was un-factual, all she can point to is that the emphasis is not what she would have chosen. What our lovely Miranda fails to note, is that a museum which shows things in a different light is ALSO POLITICAL – but maybe the politics are to Miranda's liking and therefore she thinks that it is the truth…. Silly, silly, silly.

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Zac decides that the best use for a stubbie holder is as a transporter of dirt. Of course, he was totally filthy by the end of it…

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More egg hunting

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The boys did the whole Easter egg hunting thing on Easter Sunday. It was Zac's first time and he managed to find a few eggs on his own.

Of course, the main problem was that either the cats or the possums of the neighbourhood had done some of their own egg hunting overnight, so we had a few pre-masticated or completely consumed eggs before the boys even got out there!

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Egg Hunting

Riding in cars with boys

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On the way home from the Cotter the other day, many noises of raspberries being blown on arms were heard emanating from the back seat. I didn't manage to catch any photographic evidence, but I am sure you can tell something dodgy was going on.

Jude was sitting behind me, so I am afraid my photographic skills in capturing his car activities were very limited.

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