Vox Hunt: In Honor of President’s Day…

Show us your favorite President.

And one can buy a t-shirt too…

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Sebastian retrospective: 8


Sebastian has always been keen on lego. We inherited s stack of duplo lego from james' cousins, and since then have slowly added to the collection. From the age of about two on, and then especially once he had turned three, the lego has been one of his favourite activities.

Here he decided to create his own AFL football match.

As time passed, the lego creations have become increasingly complex…

And cranes were a favourite for a long period of time.

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Building blocks

Young Zachary is following closely in his older brothers' footsteps with his approach to the lego. Here is his own construction from the other day. Of course, anything his older brothers can do, he is determined to do too. Tonight he even spat out water when rinsing after cleaning his teeth. Jude has only just mastered that!

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Godsons and the like

Yesterday Sebastian and I popped in to Parliament House to visit his godmother equivalent and my godson actual.

Sebastian and Conrad bonded over Lightning McQueen cars, leaving their mothers to have a gossip. Not many of these Parliamentary office visits left, given Nat's impending retirement. both godmothers got to remark on how quickly the boys have gotten bigger in the months that we haven't seen each other.

Unfortunately, we couldn't stay long as it was off to the dentist. Happy to report that both Jude and Sebastian's teeth are good and they both thought the whole experience entertaining and ticklish….

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February 14
February 15
February 16
February 17

For Christmas, Sebastian received from Santa a make your own volcano kit. We finally got around to making the plaster volcano, then Sebastian painted it. We had one previous eruption, but we decided to have our second one the other day. This was much more spectacular in colour, as I had abandoned the attempt to use paint and opted for the food colouring instead. the small boys very very impressed by the extent of the eruption.

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Sebastian retrospective: Part 7


Sebastian, like his brothers who followed in his footsteps, has always been very keen on cooking. For his second Christmas he got his own beater, his own microwave and own kettle (which still gets used today). Once he was over two, he actually got to the point where he was occasionally actually helpful in the kitchen, and not just taking up bench space!

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Sebastian retrospective: part 6


Sebastian's formal introduction to the world was his Naming Day. As we are not big with the whole God thing, but still like the ritual thing, we had a naming Day, at which we did exactly what we wanted to. It was a beautiful day and a lovely celebration. Sebastian didn't enjoy the entire thing, but you get that with babies. We still haven't thought up a replacement name for the god-parent equivalents however which didn't sound somehow naff.

First ChristmasFirst Christmas0002First Christmas0001

The first Christmas is always slightly more momentous for the family than for the baby. However Sebastian did have a fun day in Adelaide with presents, and introduction to strange foods and lots of family.

For Sebastian's first birthday, Rachel made his a beautiful Pooh cake. This has of course meant that since then, every other birthday cake has had to have been just as good.

Unlike Zac, Sebastian's first trip to see Vince was not his first hair cut. I had previously cut it at home. However, as soon as he was big enough, it was off to have it done by someone who knew what he was doing.

2nd brthday2nd birthday

By the second birthday, Sebastian was a bit more aware of what was going on. And so he was most impressed by all the presents, and the magnificent train cake that Rachel made him.

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