Jude and Sebastian

Jude is sick – still asleep at 9.04am – so I am at home with him this morning. James had stayed home yesterday, but he really has to be at uni at some point this week to get his materials organised for the commencement of classes next week, so I volunteered to stay home. All the meetings I had this morning were able to be cancelled or at least changed. And I'm in Sydney on Thursday and Friday, so I really needed to do my time at home this morning. But hopefully another day at home will mean Jude will be fine by tomorrow.

He is very cute when he is sick – he becomes so very very polite, although a little imperious at times (Put my cover on me, Me-Me!). when we went for a short walk to the shops on Sunday and I had brought him a tissue, he said 'Thanks for bringing extra tissues Me-Me.' He is enormously grateful for everything and thanks you in a very solemn and earnest tone. Makes you want to cuddle him tight!

Last night Sebastian came out wiht a very interesting demand for lunch. We had been talking about the need for green foods and a variety of colour in your foods in general. After pondering for a bit, he asked if we had any lettuce, and we said no, but we did have baby spinach leaves. He then asked if he could have a ham and baby spinach sandwich for lunch the next day – and for the rest of the week. This is not a request you need to make of a parent twice!

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One Response to Jude and Sebastian

  1. Emjay says:

    LOL the spinach sandwich! My daughter loved broccoli from a very young age and when she was about 6 she had dinner at one of her friend's home. She asked for broccoli as a vegetable and the mother thought she was joking – and didn't give her any!! I delighted in taking the smile off that woman's face when I told her it was true! (funny how you don't always like the parents of all your children's friends. LOL.)

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