Atlas – Southern USA

In our most recent culinary challenge, last ngiht we focussed on the Southern states of the US. So we drank mint juleps and ate a large amount of protein and carbohydrates….

Atlas Southern USA 10Atlas Southern USA 13Atlas Southern USA 12Atlas Southern USA 14Atlas Southern USA 17Atlas Southern USA 16

James made Louisiana gumbo, Rachel whipped up some Southern Fried chicken with whipped mashed potato and creamed corn, Cat and Burke brought some Hoppin' Joe's black eyed peas, Bronwen made dirty rice and beef ribs with watermelon and Kellie did BBQ'ed corn on the cob and bourbon pork ribs. For dessert we had sweet potato cobbler prepared by Rachel and cajum syrup cake which I made, but which proceeded to fall apart.

Bronwen brought White Trash Cooking along for our entertainment, but we didn't have easy access to any 'gator….

The small people definitely enjoyed the food. Zac came back for about four serves of ribs…

And it was flannels all round afterwards…Jude still had rib sauce on his face this morning….

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One Response to Atlas – Southern USA

  1. Emjay says:

    LOL all that fun! Had a fabulous gumbo in New Orleans about 5 years ago – so good I still remember it! (of course, it might have been all the Hurricanes I had drunk 🙂

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