Carriage of dreams

Of course, after playing in the park and picnics and more playing, a small boy can end up all tuckered out, and the soothing motion of the carriage can lead one away to the world of dreams….

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At the park

2007-01-11 09-01-46_0011
2007-01-11 09-02-08_0012
2007-01-11 09-04-19_0013
2007-01-11 09-05-02_0014

One of the occasional weekend activities in which we engage is the "park crawl" and associated picnic – on bikes of course.

Here we see the boys delighting in the joys of the "blue park". Zachary was very excited by the fact that he could climb up the stairs to the slippery dip, which was enormous fun to slide down.

In the meantime, Sebastian and Jude prepared their space ship for blast off!

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