Small boys love pumpkin

Iron Chef Pumpkin_0023Iron Chef Pumpkin_0029Iron Chef Pumpkin_0025Iron Chef Pumpkin_0030

The pumpkin risotto balls proved particularly popular with the evening's smallest participants, Martin and Zachary. Also a hit, the pumpkin pasta sauce and the pumpkin curries. They were, sadly for them, in bed before dessert

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Iron Chef Pumpkin

Iron Chef Pumpkin_0007
Iron Chef Pumpkin_0011
Iron Chef Pumpkin_0012
Iron Chef Pumpkin_0020

Another roaring culinary success was Iron Chef Pumpkin. We began the evening with an assortment of hors d'oeuvres – pumpkin dip, pumpkin and pork wontons and pumpkin risotto balls. For the main course there was pumpkin and pine nut filled ravioli with a butter and sage sauce, fusilli with pumpkin and coriander sauce, cocount and mustard seed pumpkin curry and lamb and pumpkin curry. Dessert was pumpkin trifle with pumpkin ice cream.

Everything was absolutely delicious…

Our next challenge could leave us with the first non-theme ingredient dessert – mushroom. So if anyone has any mushroom themed dessert ideas. let me know!

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More sandpit time

2007-02-07 13-13-43_0006
2007-02-07 13-14-21_0007
2007-02-07 13-14-56_0009

Sebastian was keen to create a city with a whirlpool nearby in the sandpit.

Jude was just keen to play….

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Zachary and his rice bubbles

Backyard paleontology

2007-02-01 14-07-18_0001
2007-02-01 14-07-30_0002
2007-02-01 14-07-46_0003
2007-02-01 14-07-55_0004

Sebastian has a kit which has a tyrannosaurus rex (well, a small version) encased in a block of plaster. It includes instruments for digging and cleaning.

On the weekend the boys started work and discovered that paleontology is quite hard work. A few of the bones have been liberated from the plaster, but there is still a long way to go….

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Post apocalyptic

On Sunday night, after some Exploding Cows, Guillotine and some of my new duty free Caol Ila (Julian May fans – it is fabulous!), Rachel, James, Young Andrew and I discussed what we would do in a post apocalyptic world. Rachel, of course, has very useful skills – especially now she is mastering welding, in addition to her skills of sewing and carpentry and making elaborate cardboard boxes. James is also reasonably handy, good in the garden, not to mention experience fishing and hunting. Andrew figured his skills in physics would be required to ensure that we could create turbines and so forth to ensure we could generate power and the like. And me….well, I have no practical skills and my academic/work related skills would not be so helpful in the post-apocalypse environment (not sure writing Ministerial brief is required). So I figured I would have to entirely revert to female roles of child rearing, teaching and I may need to become the community librarian/knowledge keeper and (unsurprisingly for anyone who has played D&D with me) the bard! Possibly my managerial skills could be put to use running the community also….

Other equally disturbing questions – if all human knowledge was destroyed, what one sentence would you want to preserved for your discipline:


Andrew: light is both a particle and a wave (apologies Andrew if I've got that wrong) – physics obviously

James: what is perceived to be real is real in its consequences (sociology)

Melissa: history is like a mountain; what it appears to look like depends upon the angle of approach (history, obviously)


Rachel declined to come up with one for law….




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A question

So what is worse/more bizarre – the idea that the Master in Doctor Who was responsible, on a subliminal level anyway, for Voodoo Child (or perhaps, it was responsible for sending him mad) OR the idea that the subliminal broadcast being received by the chosen humans/unknowing cylons is All Along The Watchtower?

I must say I'm not sure how I feel about either….

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Doctor Who

Good article here about Doctor Who and the "Blink" episode in particular. That was certainly the best episode for the season, and possibly for the last season or two. This season has been a bit patchy, and the whole 'I love him, but he doesn't love me' overt text has been incredibly painful. That is supposed to be SUBTEXT, dammit. The sexual tension is supposed to be UNSPOKEN – not whined about every blinkin' epsiode. Nice to see Captain Jack back for the final episodes (note to self: must buy the Torchwood DVDs) – and must say that I am definitely looking forward to the finale on Saturday. After watching John Simm play the straight guy in Life on Mars it is fun to see him being a little crazy.

I guess that is the one downside of the McEwen family excursion to Sydney to see War of the Worlds on Saturday (enjoy the red weed and giant multi eyed martian machines guys) they'll have to wait til their return to see the Doctor and the Master battle it out.

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More Saturday park

Much fun at the park – Sebastian felt the need to retain his helmet while Zac wouldn't let
go of his cow….

2007-01-31 09-45-01_0010
2007-01-31 09-47-59_0022
2007-01-31 09-48-29_0024
2007-01-31 09-46-19_0014

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Saturday park visit

2007-01-31 09-46-37_0015
2007-01-31 09-45-58_0013
2007-01-31 09-49-49_0029
2007-01-31 08-25-19_0006

Here are some highlights of the visit to the park on Saturday. Once again we were on our bikes – we had stopped in the city first to buy all the boys new shoes. Then it was off to the park on the way home for some general entertainment.

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