Determined young man

Our Zachary is a determined young man. He has taken to feeding himself, and we are learning to cope with the resulting mess. He also doesn't mind a bit of argy-bargy with his little-big brother – he has been spotted punching Jude as they have fought over some item of contention. He makes it very clear when he wants something, and is prone to selective deafness when told "no" about the things he wants to do. And when he sees me arrive at childcare – he immediately marches off to the door with a quick "Ta ta" and a tiny wave…

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Lunch in Central Park

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After our explorations of world democracy, Colin, Liz and I walked across the city to WholeFoods at Columbus Circle and explored the many delights of the salad bar and cake display. We then wandered across to Central Park where we enjoyed the delights of consuming our food.

And then it was time for me to say farewell and head back to Fred and Eric's before getting a car to JFK and from there home. My big bonus for the day – being upgraded to business class for the entire trip home on boarding.

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For Rachel

At the UN, we encountered the Peace Tree. Liz and I decided that this was a project for Rachel – a six foot high Christmas-like tree made entirely of beading.

It was very impressive.

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UN with Liz and Colin

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Liz and Colin and I ventured to the United Nations on the morning of my departure from new york. The UN tour was one New York activity I had not engaged in before, along with the accompanying visit to a East side strip club – but I didn't manage that this time either, wasn't drunk enough. Anyway, we got to experience the whole "you are no longer in the united States" event with Scandanavian security officers and Chinese guides and the whole 'you are no longer in the 21st century" concept with the decor and quaint notices made using plastic letters.

Photography was mostly a failure inside due to the cavernous nature of the Assmebly rooms, so here is a selection of photos of us…

And one view of the building and surrounds.

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More of Brooklyn

Here are some more photos of the blocks around Eric and Fred's apartment

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Imported Photos 00151
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Imported Photos 00150

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While I am now home safely, even if there were some delays en route, I still have some further new York entries!

For those of you who wondered what Brooklyn is like, in particular the area I was staying, I furnish the following..

Prospect Heights where Fred and Eric live is a rapidly gentrifying area, but still has an interesting and diverse range of ethnicities and socio-economic groups. There are a number of west Indian – we even saw cricket being played in the park on Sunday. And a range of sights.

Here is the exterior of Fred and Eric's apartment (or condo, to be more appropriate) block:

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Leaving New York

Time to go home. I've had a lovely time, but I have missed my boys – all four of them!


A few observations: in New York, the obesity epidemic doesn't seem to have hit. Apparently New Yorkers have some of the highest life expectancies of all Americans because of the walking. walking to the subway, walking between trains, walking from the subway to your destination, walking everywhere. There is lots of walking done in New York! And soup, salad and sandwich places seem to proliferate – probbaly another less calorific alternative to burgers and fries.

This time I found people in New York more friendly than before – some people in stores actually made eye contact!

New York is also an olafactory experience – there are smells everywhere. Unidenifiable smells rising from the gutters and sewers, the smells of the subways – of the friction of metal on metal as the trains run on the tracks, the smalles of good food and frying food, the smells of people on packed subways, the smells of perfume and new clothes along 5th Avenue.

And it was lovely to see and hang out with old friends – Fred and Eric, Deanna and Greg, Liz and Colin. I certainly got my money's worth there.

But time to get back to reality! I have more photos which will follow once I've arrived back in Canberra – and got over the jet lag.





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