Shrek Challenge!

The hard drive on our main computer has collapsed and died, and looks like it will never recover, so no uploading photos for me for tonight. However I will take this opportunity to share James and my latest obsession: The Shrek Challenge!

It has been remarked upon ad nauseaum that the third Shrek film has been accompanied by an almost unprecedented level of tie-in marketing. A trip to the supermarket is particularly revealing in this respect – it is almost impossible to traverse an aisle (unless it is for cleaning products) without encountering that big green face. So the challenge is – could one go a week only eating Shrek-related food? As long as you liked custard and breakfast cereal, you probbaly could.

James and I are ourselves tempted to take the Shrek challenge – but alas three small children means we need to keep them in mind. We thought one could say – if it's not fresh, it's Shrek….

Anyway, would love to see someone take up the challenge – after all, one could even eat out, with the McDonalds Shrek food products!

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Rocking Zachary

Zachary received a new rocking giraffe for his birthday which he absolutely loves. Thanks for that Aunite Sarah and Uncle Simon. And baby Ryan of course!

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More hats!


I think that might be my father in the background in his Palauan fishing hat…

Nick, Thomas and Stephanie enjoy their hats and a drink….or three!

Judy and James

Steve looking like some sort of bookie, or possibly English shooting-type

Andrew looking demented

And I believe this is Shell, but it is hard to tell

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Hat party

Any great achievement deserves a great party, so James decided to give his PhD hat a second outing at a sily hat party


James with Nick and Catherine, who are, apparently, NOT PhDs

Jude shows off his (stylish) headgear – hey, it matches the pyjamas

A green haired witch (frightened the small girls!) and Shell in her stylish bowler

Jasmin and Rachel enjoy a hatless moment

Rob, Jane, Paul and Ann – at least Paul still has his hat on!

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On Friday 13th, it was james' big day – GRADUATION. James got to dress up in the special robes and hat and receive his PhD

I must admit, I was very proud, and even got a little teary at times….


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The Reid Mafia

Here are the two godfathers – my godfather John and Zachary's godfather equivalent Andrew. And in case you couldn't guess from the photo – we have two sets of parents and children here.

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More highlights of Zac turning one

jasmin and jude

Sebastian displays his black tongue – thanks to eating the ladybird's head

Auntie Katie with new cousin – baby Ryan

Martin also has been eating the ladybird's head

Ga and Louisa with baby Ryan

Jasmin and Jude have a wrestle

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Zac party highlights


Zac gets presents

Zac loves his new fire engine car

Hanging with Grand Aunt Elaine and Louisa

Seb in his new tracksuit

Cutting the cake

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For Zac's bithday, the boys chose a ladybeetle cake – which worked quite well once I developed an appropriate red colour…

Zac did quite enjoy the ritual singing of happy birthday….

….but most especially the eating of the cake!

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Happy Birthday Zac

Today Zac turns ONE!

At one Zac:     

Sleeps through the night – though sometimes has the odd sniffle and cry – and usually doesn't wake til 7.30am
Still has two naps a day – but we don't think that will last long
Has SEVEN teeth
Is walking quite competently – and has been for a week
Has two breastfeeds a day and a bottle when at childcare – but refuses at home
Likes to eat – and his brothers' leftover breakfast is his favourite thing
Has a beautiful smile, and a well-practiced smile
Likes nothing more than playing with his big brothers – except perhaps being carried around by his Me-Me
…is an absolute delight whom we all love!

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