Jude still loves Maisy

Brothers at play

Emergency vehicles


Sebastian and James attended a dsplay of emergency vehicles.

Sebastian clearly wouldn't object to a future linked to these.

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Atlas: Madagascar

We held the second of our Atlas dinners on Saturday night, this time hosted by Burke and Cat. Unfortunately the evening was marred by illness, with Rachel, felled by flu, unable to attend and Jude vomiting shortly after arriving. Fortunately, James managed to catch most of it in Jude's sheet, so we didn't have to face the embarrassment of totally destroying the couch of friends. The other highlight of the evening was the showing of Burke and Cat's pet snakes – honestly I think the adults had more fun than the kids.

the menu for the evening:

lasopy – Madagascan veal and vegetable soup: made by both B&C and me
varenga – traditional shredded beef (my other contribution)
beef grilled skewers with Madagascan pepper sauce (strong French influence there): Bronwen
pickled vegetables: Bronwen
pineapple and chilli pork ribs: Kellie and Reg
fruit with vanilla syrup: Kellie and reg

After much joking discussion of deep fried lemur,  Burke decided to experiment with a local substitute and prepared roast possum, with Madagascan flavours. And Browen provided the vanilla infused vodka martinis.

Despite not knowing quite what to expect, the food was pretty good, if possibly not entirely Madagascan. Burke and Cat followed the instructions found via Google on setting a Madagascan dinner and it was very enjoyable.

We have decided to try something slightly less challenging next time and go with England. I guess the challenge is to make it all yummy.

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From Zac's diaries

Well, here I am. I have climbed onto the coffee table to protest the rank injustice. How come those two big brothers get dessert. Ice cream and custard and banana! It is just unfair and wrong.

I will just have to take matters into my own hands. I think I will help myself to Jude's banana. After all, he seemed more interested in the ice cream. Weirdo.

OK, well, Jude doesn't seem too happy with that idea. What are my options?

If I just crawl over here….

Score! And Sebastian even shared! Num, num num….

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Toilet capers

Zachary has once again been enjoying one of his favourite activities – the toilet paper unrolling.

This was a great favourite of Sebastian's also at a similar age, but not something by which Jude was quite as engaged.

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Plague House

We are having a very bad run with illness at the moment. Jude and Zachary are still both on antibiotics for ear aches and then last night when I went to check on the boys before giong to bed, I discovered young Zac asleep in a pool of vomit. Clearly preparing for his rock star lifestyle ahead, but nonetheless…. Anyway, so we got him up and put him in the bath, into which he promptly vomited, and then got him back to sleep. This morning after a feed he had another big vomit, but he is now back on solids and hopefully sleeping off his day of grizzly, sick and sad grumpiness (thanks for coping with that James!).

As James and I have a Ball to attend on Friday in the fabulous locale of the ANZAC Hall at the War Memorial, we are hoping that we are not struck down by the stomach disease prior. Afterwards it would make a perfect excuse for the results of any over-imbibing….

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