James and I went and saw "300" last night. We went to the Dendy Premium cinemas for the first time which was rather a treat.


Anyway, entertaining movie if you don't mind fighting. I remarked that there was many an academic paper in the depiciton of the male body and its extreme masculinity, not to mention the whole orientalism aspect of the movie. Also gender issues more generally – the weird feminisation of Xerses and so forth. James said "it's just a comic book". Although he did agree with me that it would be interesting to examine why we are now seeing this return in emphasis on the male (highly built) body (see also Casino Royale) which hasn't really been around since Rambo times. At least all the talk of "freedom" didn't grate quite as much as it does when it occurs in a film like Robin Hood – Greek society did, I guess, have that concept down to an extent – even if it was about certain classes etc (my mother can step in here and correct me).


So the visual style was really interesting anyway, but what on earth was that accent that David Wenham was using?Very bizarre.

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Return to health

Well, Zac seems to be feeling much better – the drugs have worked, not that he has changed much in temperament anyway, but here is looking like his bright little self.


He seems to love his pink anti-biotics – he is very keen to grab the dropper and self administer. Then wander about with it hanging out of his mouth like some sort of cigarette. I'm not sure we should encourage this strong affection for drug taking and drug taking implements.

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As of Friday the Vocational Education and Training Divisions at work were restructured. Which of course means me. Our branch was a particular focus – it has now been split in two. And my section has been broken up a bit and moved about. But it isn't my section any more. I have swpped jobs with Graeme – whose job I hav done intermittently since I got back to work. This job swap has some bonuses – I get to stay with Catherine as my branch head, which is good and I think the new job will have a lot more interesting work, particularly has some of the function has been stripped out of my old section. So I am now in charge of Industry Skills Councils with currently seven staff, along with Beth my graduate who I am taking with me. One of my new staff members did cry when she heard about the changes, but another one kissed me, so I guess that cancels each other out! I think it will be good, and could be quite a political area coming into an election, so much interest and excitement.

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Tea party

Cup of tea or piece of cake for anyone?

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Mother guilt

Poor Zacky looked like this on the weekend. He even went to sleep while I was holding him which is very unusual. He didn't eat dinner and even had a little vomit. We all felt for him.

Of course, once he had woken up the next day and seemed fine, we let it pass as some brief, passing, small person thing.

But he's had a bit of a chesty cough, which he has had trouble shaking. Last night Jude complained of a sore ear (and had the over-wrought behaviour of slight sickness to match), so it was decided that James would take him to the doctor today. And as he was taking Jude, and Zac had this chesty thing happening, we thought he might as well take Zac.


Of the four ears presented to the doctor, three of them were infected. And only one of the infected ones was Jude's. So poor little Zacky has had nasty sore ears, possibly for a week or two. I feel bad the poor little guy has had to suffer. No wonder he has been a bit clingy in the evenings and not necessarily keen on dinner. I'm not used to the suffering in (relative) silence. When Sebastian went through his major ear infection period he screamed and screamed and generally had a raging fever to match. No fever from Zac though, and not a really noticaeable change in temperament. He is such an aimiable little fellow.  Anyway, he is on the drugs now and will hopefully get better soon. And forgive his mother for letting him suffer!

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Zac walks!

…and Sebastian assists…

Isn't that what big brothers are for?

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Small minds


Here Martin and Zac consider their toys

And Sebastian never passes up a photo opportunity

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