2018 highlights week #27: classical open night

Zac’s cello teacher, David Pereira, was the featured artist at Classical Capers – the open mic classical night that happens once a month at Smith’s. So we went along and Zac got to perform as well, both solo and with David. Was lots of fun and great experience for Zac so likely to become a regular thing.


2018 Highlights week #26: 5×5

Here we all are driving to Windsor for 5×5. This year the VDL women’s team has been playing in the B division as the Rogue Scholars, reflecting our loss of players and many new team members.

However, we have been killing it because we got really good faster than we expected.

That good.

Highlights 2018 week #25 continued: vigil

Too many women continue to die violently at the hands of men. Jude and Sebastian and I went to a candlelight vigil to remember this.

2018 Highlights week #25: meeting room views

I spend quite a lot of time in meetings. It is nice when they have good views.

2018 Highlights Week 24: Chilean wine

We finally drank this wine which had been dragged all over South and Central America and survived intact and had had nine months or so to settle down. Very nice.

2018 Highlights June long weekend: TGSS

Here are Sebastian and I flying Business Class to Adelaide to join James, the Rogue Scholars and most of the Australian derby world for TGSS. Business class? Look, Sebastian had had a crap few days for a range of reasons and I was offered cheap upgrades, so what the heck. But I digress.

It was a busy weekend of derby: one game Saturday, three on Sunday then two on Sunday. It was super rewarding too – we came third in our Division and it was great to see the team perform really well under pressure. Having lost a lot of players, this team brought together some very new, some developing and some experienced players. By the end of TGSS, it was hard to tell the difference.

Also Zeebs got to be zeebs.

And the team got to look super elegant during their warm ups.

And we only lost one game the whole weekend.

We also managed to fit in catching up with the family and with friends and even having food at the Gilbert Street Hotel. So a good Adelaide time all round.

2018 Highlights Week #23: Melissa and Sebastian make tagines

One of Sebastian’s gift from last year was a cooking class. We finally got around to picking it and I decided to come to for an evening of tagine making. After all, we had a tagine dish which I had almost never used.

First up, we made the chermoula for the vegetable tagine we were making. Ours got its beautiful pink colour from the enormous Spanish onion that went into it.

The chermoula also required lots of garlic. As did the lamb tagine we went on to make next.

Here are the vegetables cooking away

We made a lamb tagine but as it needed to cook for some hours, got to eat one cooked earlier by the teacher, and took home our own.

It was super delicious, as was the vegetable chermoula.

We were pretty happy, and just look at the awesomeness as it was served below.

The class was at Foodish at the Belconnen Markets and was lots of fun with wine and nibbles and a big meal at the end. Definitely recommend.